Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Wedding Project (The Wedding of Ben + Carolyn)

I'm taking some time as 2011 winds down and the new year of 2012 begins to recall some of my favorite art of 2011 that I have not already posted.  In September, Rusty and I answered an open call from our friend Carolyn Sortor to participate in her wedding project.  We choose to be Ministers of Guidance which translates as 'ushers' in more traditional weddings.  Naturally, I took my camera to document my point of view.  I am very honored that Carolyn has chosen to use some of my photos, among many others, as documenation of the event on her website.  See photos on her website through this link.  I've been receiving visitors to my blog via Carolyn's website, www.c-cyte.com, and so I thank her for that!

me and Rusty at The Wedding Project, September 17, 2011
my camera, but photo taken by professional photographer Carolyn McGovern McWeeney

No, Rusty and I did not get married also.  You can clearly see the Dallas skyline in the background with the new Calatrava bridge under construction to the left of me, so you know this was certainly not a gay wedding! All participants and all guests were asked to wear white, extra points for an ill fitting wedding dress, so that video could be easily projected on all in attendance which was also being recorded on video. While we didn't get married, all guests were requested to kiss each other at the point in the ceremony when the minister invited the newly wedded couple to kiss each other.  Carolyn McGovern McWeeney did capture a pic of me and Rusty kissing with her camera before the festivities began.  That photo is in catalog on c-cyte.

One gentleman in his 'ill fitting' wedding dress.

First duty as Ministers of Guidance was to direct guests to the veiling station where everyone was given a veil to wear.

After veils were in place, we directed the guests to stand in the area defined by a projected grid.  Once the ceremony began, video was projected on the screen behind the minister (seen in the middle background) as well as on the backs of the guests.  Video cameras were then recording all of the proceedings. 

Above: the bride dressed in black sits while reviewing project plans with one of the cameramen prior to the ceremony.

Carolyn quotes Andy Warhol for the beginning text on her More About the Wedding Project page, "I don't know where the artificial stops and the real starts."  Appropriate for any wedding ceremony, really, IMHO.

We didn't make it to the reception afterwards.  Frankly, we missed the info on the mailed announcement plus it was time to get our 'early bird' selves back to the studio once the wedding ceremony was over.  Continue to check in at Carolyn's website www.c-cyte.com for updates, more pictures, guest comments, and someday soon, the final edited video of the BEST ART WEDDING of 2011!

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