Friday, December 9, 2011

Rusty Scruby's Works at McMurtrey Gallery's "Holiday Exhibition 2011"

The Ninth King and Realm of Eight
both are playing card constructions, 2011

McMurtrey Gallery generously forwarded these pics of Rusty's works installed in the gallery for this past Saturday night's opening reception. These are the two works that we delivered to the gallery last week that I mentioned in my previous post about Art Palace.  Here are two more installation shots:

pictured to the left: Lance Letscher Atom Smasher and The Ninth Kitchen
both are collage on masonite, 2011

pictured to the right: Sydney Yeager Traces, oil on canvas, 2011

Rusty has given me permission to use these photos that he took of The Ninth King and Realm of Eight in his studio prior to delivery:

the backside/inside of Realm of Eight.  This work was created using Eights of Clubs and Spades.  A ring of black Gatorfoam board has been attached to give the piece added rigidity and to provide a means to hang the work on L pins.

the backside and inside of The Ninth King. A ring of Gatorfoam board has been attached to the bottom for hanging purposes as noted above, as well as a ring inside the "crown" to give stability to the work as it hangs horizontally from the wall.

a side view of The Ninth King as it hangs in Rusty's studio with one of his earlier framed print on Mi Teintes paper works in the background.  The Ninth King was created using red playing cards Nine of Diamonds and Hearts and one band of blue playing cards using King of Hearts.

While creating the "neck" of the open-ended vessel that is The Ninth King, Rusty created a tangential series of works that he has named Playing Card Flowers.  Rusty submitted one of these to The McKinney Avenue Contemporary for their 16th annual Blue Yule Holiday Party.

three Playing Card Flowers

Rusty found other uses for these works as well as enjoying as small sculptures:

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