Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 'Art' of Blogging

There are some idiosyncrasies to Blogger that confound me.  I had written the first draft of text for my previous post in an email.  When I was ready to write the post, I was using my netbook without a word processing app so I edited in the original draft email.  I then copied the text from the email to the post I was writing here on Blogger.  I could not make the font in the post match the font in all of my other posts.  Once I was back home, I tried in vain to change the font.  I copied the text out to Word, made note of the fonts and size, and then copied back to the blog.  No luck.  I was being driven to a level of distraction that became quite unproductive.  I finally came to the conclusion that the only solution to matching the font was to retype the text in Blogger on my home pc.  But I know that I would have to be cautious to use new lines to avoid picking up font instructions that may still be imbedded which also means that I would probably have to delete some pictures and then add them back in. Basically, start from scratch!  Finally, I decided to live with it the way it is and move on.
So if the different font in that one post annoys you, know that it did me as well, but then I let go and moved on.  

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