Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Christmas Tree 2010 - 2011

 Plumbing Tree, galvanized plumbing parts, lava lamps, bubble lights, strings of white lights, seven spinning mechanisms and ornaments, 2010

If you are wondering about the last pic in the previous post, please see the pic above.  This is the Christmas tree sculpture that Rusty created for our home/studio in 2010.  2011 has not been an easy year, and we've enjoyed the tree so much that we have turned it on every night this year when we were home.  We have replaced lights in the lava lamps, and this weekend we will be replacing strings of the white lights that burnt out through the year.  We will also be changing out the ornaments that hang on and around the sculpture to celebrate Christmas 2011.
We may have had some dark moments in the past year, but the light of art has kept shining through.


  1. This is Amazing! I really like this and would love to make a similar one .. I hope you don't mind... my husband has about 20 old lava lamps I have been dying to find a use for. Any tips like how do you support the weight?

    1. how about using the lava lamps for light

  2. Do it! We positioned the "limbs" of the tree in a way to balance the weight out equally around the tree. The lava lamp bases are wired to the flanges they sit on to help prevent the lamps from falling off. We don't have pets or kids, and we put it in a corner that helped prevent us from bumping into it. Email me if you have more questions.

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