Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Business Council for the Arts: On My Own Time 2011

I visited NorthPark mall today to see the 2011 On My Own Time art exhibit sponsored by North Texas Business Council for the Arts. This is the 19th annual installment of this jurored amateur competition that features the artistic talent of North Texas business professionals.  This exhibition opened September 18 and runs through October 2, 2011.  I saw many photographs with painting, drawing, and sculpture mixed in.  Here are a few of the works that caught my eye:

Lisa Jones, Don't Look Back!, paint of canvas

I'll start with Lisa Jones because she stopped by Ro2 Art gallery yesterday and told me that she had work in On My Own Time.  I had not realized the exhibition was up. Thank you, Lisa.

David Schulze, Gate House at Mabel Dodge, oil on canvas

Of course this one caught my eye.  It is by my very good friend, David Schulze, who not only paints but is also a lawyer for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit.  I have one of David's paintings in my collection.  I don't recall, however, David telling me about this exhibition.

Norman Kary, Constillation, mixed media

Another Dallas artist friend.  I posted a pic of another of Norman Kary's works in my post "Meltdown" 2011 Annual MAC Membership Exhibition.

Doug Lott, Twin Cubes, sculpture

Lott's sculpture looks like folded paper on a wood base, but not sure since the card stated only "sculpture".  It caught my eye amongst the other objects because it resembles sculpture that I live with daily.  Not the same, but similar.

Tamara Wascovich, Red Balloon, mixed media

Vivid colors. Sweet face of a child. Red is quite literal.  Balloon is only imagined.

Richard Wright, Grain View, sculpture

Drawing. Paint. Hand carved wood. Folk Art in the mall with di Suvero and Dine.

Alecia Wortham, Mini Mickey, sculpture

This one caught my eye because it was practically hidden behind a fluffy creche 'sculpture'.  The On My Own Time rules for artwork that will not be shown include:
"#2. Works of art that are not suitable for a family venue, including viewing by young children"
this one apparently barely made it into the show.  I bet the fig leaf was added later and then the sculpture was strategically placed behind a larger and fluffier sculpture.  I can't tell if Mini Mickey is carved stone or cast bronze, but it does seem to be well crafted.

Patrick Perez, Alamo Plaza, enhanced photography
Ben E. Keith

The Alamo Plaza hotel courts was torn down earlier this year.  It was a cool old place that had long outlived Dallas' rebuild it and they'll come back mentality.  I was glad to see this reminder.

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