Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kirk Hopper Fine Art

I stopped by Kirk Hopper Fine Art this weekend to see the new exhibition.
Just Between Us: new work by Alejandro Diaz Ayala
American Beast: a collaborative sculpture by Michael Christopher Matson and Kevin Obregon
a painting exhibition in the gallery and a gigantic sculpture in the courtyard.
Let the summer gallery shows begin.  Alejandro is a young artist, around 27 I think I remember from the bio at the gallery.  A blend of technical drawing and painting with splashes of abstract paint with touches of pop iconography drawn in and placed unexpectedly on or around the figures.  There is also one sculpture that has the same abstract 'splashes' on the head as the paintings do.  I enjoyed that bit of continuity between the works.  It will be interesting to see what this young artist shows us in the future.

In the courtyard gallery, Michael Matson has collaborated with Kevin Obregon to create this monumental sculpture that resembles a giant shark dorsal fin.  This huge overpowering sculpture represents American ideals and bravado.  It is lit from the inside.  I was at the gallery long before the Texas sun was ready to set, but pictures on the gallery's website show a beautiful night time shot of this beast.


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