Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Holly Johnson Gallery and Marty Walker Gallery

This past Friday, I stopped by several galleries around Dallas.  
so I've posted a few pictures below.

Nymphaeum: New Paintings by Kim Squaglia 
at Holly Johnson Gallery
These luscious paintings are layers of paint and resin, one layer on top of another that achieve a 3D effect.  The resin is sanded on some of the paintings which creates a sense of dreaminess.  These were difficult to photograph because of their reflective surfaces.

Ted Kincaid: Every Doubt That Holds You Here
at Marty Walker Gallery
I'm only posting a couple of pictures.  I really couldn't capture these beautiful prints properly due to the reflection in the glass.  Kincaid's prints appear to be photos, but they are actually composites of his own creation to create the illusion of specific objects in seascapes, landscapes and moonscapes.  The moons craters have actually been created using images Kincaid captures in his environ such as the concrete floor of his studio.  The more I looked at each of these the more detail and imagery revealed itself.  Magical.

Marcelyn McNeil: Recent Paintings
M in the Project Room
at Conduit Gallery
This is Marcelyn's first exhibition in Dallas.  She earned an M.F.A. from the Universtiy of Illinois, Chicago and B.F.A. from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon.  She lives and works in Houston, Texas.  Marcelyn's paintings were represented in the 2011 Texas Biennial, curated by Virginia Rutledge.

M has an installation in the Project Room at Conduit.  A small drawing on the wall of a child vomiting little specks with a child's electronic keyboard on the floor with little specks of paper all around.  Lines are drawn at angles from the child up the steep wall, and then the lines bounce down adjacent walls interacting with this framed drawing at the end of the room.  I really enjoy M's drawings.

The exhibitions at Holly Johnson and Conduit are up through July 2, 2011.  Ted Kincaid at Marty Walker Gallery ends this coming Saturday, June 11, 2011.  Go see it yourself before it's too late.

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