Monday, August 15, 2011

"import" at Ro2 Art Uptown at West Village

Ryder Richards, Tower I, gunpowder, graphite on paper, 2010

Ryder Richards has curated an exciting three person exhibit at Ro2 Art in the West Village. With works by Richards, Eric Eley and John Frost, we are presented with masterful architectural sculptures and drawings that adorn the gallery for two weeks only.  Hurry and see this exhibit before it is gone!

Ryder Richards, Disruption, gold leaf, acrylic on wood, 2011

Ryder Richards, 
Thug Life: Connected (Laocoon) on right, 
Thug Life: Connected (Hercules and Acheloos) on left,
both are gunpowder, gold leaf, graphite on paper, 2011

Richards' work exudes a masculine sensuality with materials that are forged by fire.
Richards is an art instructor and the gallery director at Richland College.

Eric Eley, distant blast, extruded foam, wood, twine, acrylic, lacquer, 2010

Eric Eley, Peigneur 1, dry pigment, ink, color pencil, acrylic, graphite on paper, 2008

Eley is one of the amazing artists that is also represented by Platform Gallery in Seattle.
Eley is also an art instructor at Richland College.

John Frost, as a result, poplar dowels, 2008

John Frost, facade, plywood and paper, 2009

Frost is the woodworking instructor at St Marks School of Texas.  I wish I had had such a conceptually creative teacher for wood shop!
This exhibit only runs through September 3rd.  Hurry!

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