Sunday, July 3, 2011

33 Bond Gallery @ SCOPE Miami 2007 "Unscrew and View"

This has always been one of my favorite photos that Rusty has taken at an art fair.  I enjoy the odd relationship created by one of the Kate Clark sculptures staring directly into Rusty's camera while the male gallery director of 33 Bond Gallery is also staring directly at Rusty.  The other two, the other sculpture and the other gallery director, are focused on other things.  It was an odd experience to be roaming around the art fair tent while the galleries are all just setting up their booths in preparation for the next day's grand opening.  On the one hand, I got the most fabulous experience of being able to see much of the art just as it is being un-crated. On the other hand, I felt rather in the way. But it was all necessary preparation for the next day's business.   Now, I love being able to examine these moments in time and research from this source.  Notice the collage on the wall between the two gallerists.  That is a piece by artist Jason Roskey who was born in Ft Worth and earned his art degree at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.  I didn't find a website for him, so the link goes to a recent interview he had with NYArts.  I enjoyed reading Jason's summation of the Dallas art scene.

This Korean born artist is also represented by 33 Bond Gallery.  I've liked all of his sculptures that I have seen over the years. 

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